[New] TurnkeyAuto – Make Thousands By Marketing To Auto Dealerships

A year ago, a client came to us in need of marketing solutions for his car dealership. He wanted an easier and faster way to list cars and attract customers to his showroom.

This got us thinking!

While working on his project, we got to learn the ins and outs of a car dealership. We saw that a lot of times they are spending huge amounts of money to fix or create their online presences. And most of the dealerships we visited didn’t even have a simple and easy tool for their sales team to list their cars online.

We got the fix.

Of course we couldn’t just sit here and let our fellow salespeople at car dealerships struggle. This is when TurnkeyAuto Dealership software was born! This software combines a beautiful responsive front-end website with a user-friendly backend dashboard. It lets salespeople (really anyone) at the car dealerships quickly and effectively add car listings to their website.

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